Gamedec - Halloween Event Announcement

The upcoming v1.2 patch for Anshar Studios' cyberpunk detective RPG Gamedec will apparently kick off a Halloween event, which isn't exactly your everyday occurrence in a story-driven single-player RPG. Following that, the game will be expanded with some Kickstarter backer content and various Steam gewgaws.

Here's what we can expect:

How do you do, fellow game detectives? You closed all the cases and now chilling on your couch with the glass of your favorite beverage? Time to get back to Warsaw City, because some new content will be soon waiting for you to discover.

It's now one month after the Gamedec release, and we spent the majority of this time fixing the issues you encountered during the playthrough. Most of the problems are solved, thanks to your not to be underestimated feedback. Now it's our time to return the favor, so sit down and listen to Gamedec's upcoming innovations plan.

Spooky things will happen in Warsaw City

By the end of the 22nd century, the world changed excessively, but traditions and holidays survived. That's why citizens of the Gamedecverse are looking forward to Halloween. That time of year, it turns out the pumpkins are not only present in the Harvest Time, but they are a nice spooky feature of every home. It also applies to Gamedec's. Who knows, maybe somebody will visit your place and ask "trick or treat"? What will you do then?

More updates

After Halloween, when you think about tossing out the rotten pumpkins from your apartment, Kickstarter backers content will be available in the game. Check out the bar's Hall of Fame to see the names of our dear supporters. Pick up the phone to listen to their voicemail. Finally, you can see your dream about having your own company or NPC come true. In addition, we will add the Trading Cards that you can exchange on the Steam Market.

We hope that you liked this little teaser of what awaits you in the coming weeks in Warsaw City. Stay tuned and prepare yourself for the upcoming assignments, gamedec.

Take care and stay safe!
Team Gamedec