Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons - Third Elite Specialization Beta Event Incoming

The third elite specialization beta event for Guild Wars 2 is going to be live next week, between October 26 and October 30. As is customary with these events, it will allow you to sample three of the new elite specializations coming to ArenaNet's MMORPG with its upcoming End of Dragons expansion. These include the Specter:

The Untamed:

And the Mechanist:

Here's more on the event itself:

The third Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons™ elite specialization beta event begins next week! From October 26 to October 30, log in and play three of the brand-new elite specializations coming in the third expansion.

You don’t need to prepurchase Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons to join the fun—everyone with an account in good standing is invited. Create a free Guild Wars 2 account today, and you too can be on the cutting edge of Canthan combat techniques.

How to Play

When you log in on October 26, you’ll find three dedicated elite specialization beta character slots on your character select screen. Use these to create fully equipped level 80 beta characters and take each of the new elite specializations for a spin.

Please note these limitations on beta event characters:
  • Beta characters are temporary. After the event ends, they will disappear as mysteriously as they appeared.
  • Your gameplay progress will not be saved. Your beta character is temporary and when they vanish back into the Mists, all the information recorded on your account while playing them will disappear as well. Your permanent Guild Wars 2 characters will still earn progress normally as you play them.
  • You can play in existing content. You’re free to experience Tyria through the eyes and weapons of the new elite specializations in current open world content, instanced content, Player vs. Player, and World vs. World. Other Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons content won’t be available for play during the beta events.