Encased Patch #1 and Roadmap Available

Back in September, Dark Crystal Games released Encased, their Fallout-inspired tactical sci-fi RPG. As is pretty much always the case with a new release, the game had some issues. A good deal of those has been addressed by this patch focused on improving the overall player experience.

On top of the patch, we can now check out the official post-release roadmap for this project that includes a Halloween event, another major update later this year, and yet another patch in early 2022. Here's a quick overview of the upcoming stuff:


Employees: the scariest day of the year, Halloween, is coming. The world of Encased won’t be spared either. Employees will soon have to fight - to the death - with horrible creatures straight from your nightmares.

Defeat new enemies and receive a unique currency, which can be exchanged for new equipment and artifacts from a special merchant. We'll tell and show you more next week.

New Year Update

New Year's Eve is the time for gifts and holiday festivities. Our team is also preparing a present for you. In December you can expect new random encounters on Ursula, as well as new content that’ll bring even more life under the Dome.

We're also always listening to what players want. Tell us what you'd like to see in the upcoming updates! We'll choose the most popular wishes and try to add them.

Patch 2

Much of the second patch is still under the veil of secrecy, but we can tell you about some things now. In the second patch there will be a new game mode: Arena. There you will be able to hone your combat skills, try new weapons, team combinations and different builds.

More information will be revealed closer to the patch release. We hope you’ll enjoy it :)