Dying Light 2: Stay Human Interview and Behind the Scenes Video

While at this point it is impossible to predict when Techland's zombie-survival action-RPG Dying Light 2: Stay Human will actually be going live, right now, the developers intend to release it within a few months. And as such, we can check out this PC Gamer interview with the game's lead designer Tymon Smektała that goes over its setting, unique enemies and gameplay elements, NPC factions, and more.

But before we get to the customary excerpt, you might also want to check out this making of video dedicated to the game's main theme:

And here are a few paragraphs from the interview:

I ask Smektała about the balance of story and action in Dying Light 2. Storytelling is something the team is clearly putting an increased focus on, but to what extent? “Dying Light 2 is an action game,” he says. “We have parkour as a way to move around the world freely, rewarding combat, a variety of weapons and even parkour moves that you can use creatively while fighting. The animation base is huge, which allows players to overcome the many dangers in the City in a spectacular manner.

“However, it was very important for us to create an interesting and engaging story as well. People in the world will react to the player’s actions and choices, and they can become friends or enemies depending on your decisions. There’s also a new system called city alignment, where you can assign specific zones of the city to one of the factions, which of course may also influence the world and the story in interesting ways.”

There are three main factions in Dying Light 2. The Peacekeepers are dedicated to eliminating all threats to humanity in the world. “They want to rally citizens to their views and secure territory for a new society based on their principles,” says Smektała. “On the other hand, the Survivors believe that their survival depends on their ability to foster craftsmanship and relearn ancient skills to thrive. They value experimentation, art, culture, and knowledge, and passing this down to their children.”