Mass Effect: Legendary Edition - LE3 Community Patch Available

Earlier this year, BioWare re-released their Mass Effect Trilogy as the Legendary Edition. And while this remaster may strike you as perfectly functional, for community modders, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it," is very much an alien concept. As a result, we can now enjoy this massive Community Patch addressing a whole heap of perceived issues you may encounter in the third game of the series.

Here's just the miscellaneous stuff and you take things from there:

About LE3 Community Patch is a comprehensive bug and continuity fix mod for Mass Effect 3 Legendary Edition.

In addition to the Community Patch, a separate mod called the Community Framework has also been included. The goal of the framework is to allow for modification of NPCs without the need for compatibility patches. For more on that click here.


  • Fixed an issue in various missions where the black screen would end too early before the start of a mission or Citadel DLC meeting. This causes Shepard to awkwardly stand there for one second before the dialogue starts.
  • Helmets now will always obey the option selected in settings. In some scenes, such as the confrontation with Henry Lawson, Shepard’s helmet is always disabled regardless of settings. All instances of this have been rectified in the patch.
  • Fixed various grammatical issues.
  • The Councilors’ subtitles will now also include their names. I.E. Councilor Tevos.
  • Fixed clipping issues with the male leather jacket.
  • Fixed an issue with CTHe diffuse texture that was causing a seam. This affects characters like Conrad Verner and many batarians and human male refugees.
  • Fixed an issue with the N7 Helmet that was causing it to move with Shepard's mouth.
  • Fixed all communicator animations so that characters actually hold their hand up to their ears.
  • Fixed issues with Miranda’s spec maps that were causing her to reflect strange colors.
  • Altered Jacob's scalp textures so his teeth actually look like teeth.
  • Fixed Joker's black teeth.
  • Wrex/Grunt's weapons can now be seen when they are holstered.
  • Fixed issue where Shepard was too high up during the Mars Citadel Transition.
  • Oleg Petrovksy has been moved to the Ex Cerberus War Asset category.
  • The Sniper Rifle Concentration Module now has number values after it, like very other weapon mod.
  • Fixed clipping issues with the HMM_Arm_CTHf outfit.
  • Fixed issue where the Kassa Fabrication Torso was reffered to as the as the Rosenkov Material Toros in Spectre Requisitions.