Encased Feature Trailer, Reviews

Earlier this week, Dark Crystal Games launched their Fallout-inspired RPG Encased out of early access. The game's release was followed by this here hotfix, and that in turn was accompanied by a "Feature" trailer that can give you a decent idea for what to expect from this post-apocalyptic-ish title. Check it out:

And if you wouldn't mind reading some reviews for the game. You can find a few of those below:

GameSpew 7/10:

If hard sci-fi sends you to sleep, you might want to give this a miss, because every now and then, the story be can a little dry. But for everyone else, if you’re prepared to give Encased your time and attention, and overlook what are mostly fixable flaws, you’ll discover an engaging, compelling and pleasingly deep RPG.

GamePressure 7/10:

Things like that would have gone a long way to making Encased a more engrossing experience. I can understand wanting to do a game that’s faithful to your inspirations but that doesn’t mean you can leave modern design at the door. A synthesis of old school and new school would have made Encased a much better game.

I will say the amount of art, voice overs, and unique environments is really impressive. You’ll still have to do plenty of reading but they do a good job of making the world look, feel, and sound unique. Everything feels handmade and it almost makes me think if this developer team remade Fallout I just might make time for that trip back to the wasteland.

Third Coast Review 3/4:

Encased is a good CRPG that is forever in the shadow of Fallout. It’s a competent game that is just good enough to warrant your attention, but might not ever be good enough on its own to get out from under its self-imposed yoke.

GameSpace 7/10:

Encased can suck you into it for dozens of hours for exploration and complex, difficult battles with various tactics but also leave you frustrated with the way it approaches the story and characters.

Hey Poor Player 4/5:

Encased: A Sci-Fi Post-Apocalyptic RPG is finally emerging from its nearly two-year Early Access period and is all the better for its time spent in player-engaged development. Fans of Fallout 1 and 2 and Shadowrun are going to immediately fall in love with what Encased: A Sci-Fi Post-Apocalyptic RPG has to offer them, from its impressive character creation to vast world-building, from its ambient aesthetics to its divergent storytelling, and every nook and cranny worth exploring in between. You may be stuck underneath this Dome for the rest of your life, but rest assured you’ll be far too busy living your best post-apocalyptic life to care about anything outside of it anyway.