GB Feature: Solasta: Crown of the Magister Review

Tactical Adventures' Solasta: Crown of the Magister has been out in the wild for several days now, giving us the opportunity to prepare a four-page review of the SRD 5.1-based CRPG. The full critique awaits your viewing, with a couple of paragraphs on the setting quoted below:
The world of Solasta can be described as Dragonlance meets The Witcher, where humans aren't the natives, and their cataclysmic arrival together with their gods and the villainous lizard people known as Soraks is the big twist that provides the setting with a bit of unique identity.

The game begins a thousand or so years after the aforementioned cataclysm when your party of frontiersmen for hire is sent to check up on a remote outpost by what's essentially Solasta's version of the UN. This sets into action a chain of events where your plucky band of adventurers and one mysterious artifact become Solasta's best bet to avoid total annihilation.