Biomutant Fresh Gameplay and Q&A

Ahead of Biomutant's May 25, 2021 release, Game Informer brings us a couple of fresh gameplay videos. One of them showcases the game's robust character creator and the other is all about combat and exploration. And on top of that, there's this Q&A-type article that shares a bunch of interesting facts about the kung-fu action-RPG.

Here's a look at Biomutant's character creator:

Some proper gameplay:

And a quick snippet from the article:

What Are Biomutant’s Classes?

Biomutant has 5 classes to choose from. Each comes with a starter skill and a perk. Here’s a simple breakdown of each:
  • Dead-Eye: More or less considered the “all-around” class. Perfect reload skill allows ranged weapons to be reloaded instantly
  • Commando: An elite soldier that deals additional ranged damage. Ideal for gun-focused combat
  • Psi-Freak: Boasts psionic powers like shooting lightning balls and increased energy regen
  • Saboteur: Stealth focused with a dual-wielding melee skill and increased evasion
  • Sentinel: Tanks that have increased base armor