Wasteland 3 - Desert Rangers Unite for Crowfall

While we're waiting for Wasteland 3's The Battle of Steeltown expansion, inXile Entertainment brings us this here bit of cross-promotion with ArtCraft Entertainment's MMORPG Crowfall. Basically, those of you among Wasteland 3's Fig backers can now get instant beta access to Crowfall, a special in-game item, and a 20% discount for the full game.

Here's how this works:

As you’re hopefully aware we recently announced The Battle of Steeltown—Wasteland 3’s first expansion—releasing June 3. We’re going to have more updates and previews as we get closer to launch, but in the meantime we have a special offer from another crowdfunded project we’re excited about.

Our friends over at ArtCraft are getting close to releasing Crowfall, their self-described “Throne War” MMO. They’re offering Wasteland 3 backers immediate Beta access AND an in-game sigil that lets you rep as one of the Desert Rangers.

Plus, if you later decide to purchase Crowfall you’ll get a 20% discount. Just follow this link https://crowfall.com/join/Wasteland3 to join the free Beta, which also ensures you’ll get the in-game Desert Ranger sigil and 20% discount.

If you’re up for competitive play, there’s $50,000 up for grabs and they’re still accepting teams for the Eternal Champions Series: https://crowfall.com/en-US/eternal-champions

The Beta is ending soon so be sure to sign up today!