Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance - 20 Minutes of Gameplay

Tuque Games’ upcoming D&D action-RPG Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance will let us hack and slash our way through Icewind Dale as the famed Companions of the Hall. And if you’d like to know what that means in terms of actual gameplay, you can now check out this IGN video featuring a full early-game mission:

Check out gameplay of all four playable characters in D&D: Dark Alliance - Drizzt Do'urden, Cattie Brie, Wulfgar, and Bruenor Battlehammer - in this full mission from the opening act of Dark Alliance.

New Dark Alliance gameplay shows off a full mission in Dungeons and Dragons Dark Alliance, the spiritual successor to Baldur's Gate Dark Alliance on PS2. This D&D Dark Alliance trailer shows off all the Dark Alliance classes fighting monsters in Dark Alliance PS4 PS5 Xbox and PC gameplay. The action RPG (ARPG) isn't a direct sequel to Baldur's Gate Dark Alliance 2, so it isn't Dark Alliance 3. This DnD game lets you play as Drizzt and his companions in a new dnd dark alliance adventure. We've got plenty of dark alliance gameplay reactions and trailer reactions, too.