King Arthur: Knight’s Tale Early Access Patch Preview

NeocoreGames’ tactical RPG King Arthur: Knight’s Tale will soon be getting a new early access patch, and this Kickstarter update lets us know what to expect from it. In short, we’ll be getting some new story missions, a new class and traits, consumables and buildings, and on top of it all, a proper journal.

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In this Kickstarter backer update, we're going to take a look at some of the main features coming in the next patch! As many of you probably noticed, it's taking a bit more time to deploy it, but the good news is that the patch itself will be much bigger than previously imagined, as it will include most of the features listed on the roadmap from March to May. We are going to be releasing more details about the patch and the particular features as the release draws near.

With this patch, all story missions of the first Act will be playable. This means that the world of Avalon will open up further before you, with exciting bits of lore, new maps, and a terrifying boss in the end of the chapter. You might want to get some Lost-killing equipment ready…

All these new story missions definitely call for new characters and… maybe a new class even? Of course! Initially unlocked during the Kickstarter campaign, Knight's Tale's 6th class will finally be available to play. The Sage brings some more magic to the battlefield, their spells being mostly frost-based and utility-focused in contrast to the Arcanist's fire-based offensive sorcery.

Hero traits and loyalty will also be added so that your choices throughout the campaign and side missions will have even more impact. If your heroes don't agree with the morality of your choices, their loyalty decreases, and they might even leave you further down the line. Traits, on the other hand, are passive bonuses or disadvantages you will have to consider when assembling your party. For example, certain heroes with Old Faith alignment might not appreciate a devout Christian when going to battle, so their loyalty falters or receive other debuffs. Each hero will have up to 3 of these positive or negative traits, so make sure you get to know them before assembling your party!

Consumables are one-time use items granting you substantial bonuses, but making you face a tough choice at the same time. A tome you find somewhere in Avalon might grant extra stats, skill points or a permanent buff to experience gained - but is the hero who needs it the most going to be in your party for long? That's for you to decide!

Our story couldn't continue without a growing Camelot. We have to spend our hard-earned gold and materials somewhere, after all. The remaining buildings in our fortress hub are now all unlocked, ready for reconstruction. The most important leadership decisions will be made at the Round Table, sitting atop Camelot. Here, you'll be able to activate certain court titles, decrees and laws, that will all affect the overall gameplay, and add some additional depth to our strategies. Do you need some extra gold? Time to raise taxes! Do you need more building materials? Forced labour is the answer! Another newly unlocked building is the Crypt (also known as the Burial Grounds, we just renamed it), a proper resting place for our deceased companions.

An expanding story also needs a proper journal. We added its first iteration, where you can check your heroes' background, everything Arthurian myth-related, the tutorials and the story so far, presented on a proper Bayeux Tapestry, depicting Mordred's journey (and no, none of the tapestry memes influenced us, we swear!).

With all this said, we hope you're just as excited about the new patch as we are! As mentioned before, this is but a slice of what we're working on adding to Knight's Tale in the next update. There's still a long road ahead of us, and we've got some very exciting things to share with you during this time, so stay tuned!

Avalon awaits.