Disco Elysium: The Final Cut - A Word on PlayStation Patches

Last month, ZA/UM Studio released The Final Cut of Disco Elysium for PC, while simultaneously bringing their award-winning detective RPG to the PlayStation consoles. But by the looks of it, quite a few bugs and issues have snuck into the PlayStation port, as we now have this article on the game’s website that promises to sort those issues out in an upcoming patch.

Have a look:

Hey y’all,

Maybe blame it on the Doomed Commercial Area, birthplace of doomed dreams, resting place for every venture. Blame it on an incursion of the apocalypse in a localized space, or whatever Tequila Sunset hits you with. Blame it on a call to Abigail.

Or just blame it on us. Because it is our fault, that’s true. We’re all just human beings dreaming big, and not always making those dreams come true like we hope. But we’re going to try anyway, and try again, until we get it right. And we will.

Patch 1.3 is being worked on right now. We don’t have a launch date, but we wanted to tell you it’s coming, and tell you what y’all could expect.
  • Tons of Voice Over fixes
  • Improved Kim pathfinding
  • Fixed controller interaction during Seafort Dream
  • Fixed controller interaction with The Pigs
  • Fixed Sandcastle interaction
  • Fixed car interaction
  • Fixed instances where the tide never receded near the swings
  • Fixes pawnshop healing interaction
  • Fixed Thought Cabinet freezes
  • Fixed save game bugs
  • Fixes for Cutscene locks and edge-case interactions with controllers
  • And little bit this and that, general house cleaning after stormy development!
And that’s all we can say for now. We know it’s rough, we know it’s our fault, and we’re here to tell you it’s getting fixed.

Thanks for your patience. Keep the days happy.

Your pal,

Freelance Ad Agent,

Idiot Doom Spiral