King Arthur: Knight’s Tale February 2021 Early Access Update

NeocoreGames brings us the first early access update for their tactical RPG King Arthur: Knight’s Tale. This update expands the game’s map pool, introduces the Vanguard class, and adds some new skills and abilities, as well as a couple of new buildings.

You can find the complete patch notes here, check out the updated EA roadmap here, and read a quick overview of the new stuff below:


King Arthur: Knight's Tale's first Early Access update is out now! We added new maps, a new playable class, new skills and new buildings, fixed as many bugs as we could and balanced the gameplay a bit. Your feedback and suggestions helped a lot for this very first Early Access patch and we're truly grateful for this and hope you'll enjoy the new additions.

Your previous saved progress will be compatible with the latest update so you can continue where you left off.

New maps

We added five new maps in this update, extending the map pool a bit with side missions.

New playable class

A new hero - Sir Tegyr - joins the Round Table, introducing the fifth playable class to the game: the Vanguard and its first iteration. Vanguards are skilled scouts, who are able to set and disarm traps, hide and move stealthily, wield two one-handed swords and can equip medium armor. In this build, Sir Tegyr joins right after completing the second story map, so you'll have plenty of opportunities to level up this character as well.

New skills and abilities

New maps need a stronger party, which means you can continue your progression and it also means new skills and active abilities are now possible to unlock.

New buildings

The Training Ground and the Enchanted Tower are both now accessible in Camelot. You can construct and later upgrade these similarly to the other buildings, once you have access to your fortress. The Training Ground lets your heroes gain XP while you're away adventuring so they can keep up with your main party's level. The Enchanted Tower works like the Cathedral or the Hospice, but this building removes various curses from your heroes.