Diablo: Immortal Roundtable Q&A

Diablo: Immortal, Blizzard’s mobile action-RPG, was among the titles showcased at this year’s BlizzCon. But, if you’d still like to know more about this mobile spin-off set between the events of Diablo II and Diablo III, you can now check out this WCCFTech article covering a recent roundtable Q&A with Immortal’s lead designer Wyatt Cheng and combat designer Julian Love.

Here’s something to get you started:

Was there a special feature or something specific about the game that you would have actually really loved to include, but it wasn't possible because it was a mobile game or something that you were saying 'Oh, I wish I could do this, but we could only do this on PC'? Was there some sort of limitation of features?

Julian: No, the opposite. That may sound like 'No way!' but I've got my own personal investment in this. I've been working on Diablo for 18 years now and I have had some ideas for monster affixes, I've wanted this feature for a decade and it never made sense with the indirect control scheme on PC. But now we can make sure that everyone's got the same control scheme because they're all on mobile and that's a huge opportunity to start playing with things like the way the player moves around and the player inputs as a challenge for the player. So, we've got some new affixes on monsters in the game, the ones I want to highlight are those that freeze the ground. When the ground is frozen, you lose traction; that means that you slip and slide all over the place. When you combine that with another ability that the monster has, which is the wind will blow in a random direction, you've got this whole new problem for players, which is the ground is slippery, and there's a wind blowing against me this way. If I move with the wind, I go faster, but now I'm slipping all over the place. And if I'm trying to fight the wind, now I don't have traction on the ground as well. That is all playing out against all of the other movement requirements that are happening in a normal Diablo game. This is a whole new kind of gameplay and problems for the player to solve. It's one example among many where we looked at mobile not as any kind of limitation, but really opportunities to advance Diablo gameplay.