King Arthur: Knight’s Tale Pre-launch Update

Following a brief delay, NeocoreGames’ tactical RPG King Arthur: Knight’s Tale is now looking to launch into Steam Early Access on January 26, 2021. And as such, we get this Kickstarter update that deals with some backer-related questions, highlights the initial scope of the early access build, and directs us to the game’s shiny new wiki.

Check it out:

Steam keys

Backers will receive their copy of the game via email, and will be able to start playing as soon as the game is out on Steam. First we'll send out keys to everyone, and later we'll be in touch with high tier backers regarding extra rewards.

This very first version of the Early Access will contain 2 story missions and 8 side quests, with 5 playable heroes from 4 classes so that you can get acquainted with how the game plays, and prepare for the upcoming updates.


Speaking of updates - they'll happen regularly over the course of the entire Early Access period. We're curious what you'll think of the game, so we'll be in touch! Your feedback will influence the content and frequency of updates, so if you have something to say in connection with Knight's Tale, feel free to reach out to us! We'll be monitoring our channels, and ask for your feedback outside of those as well.


And now another frequently asked question: will you be able to stream the game? Yes! We'd be happy to see you play Knight's Tale over on Twitch, YouTube, or the streaming platform of your choice. If you're a creator, you're free to broadcast your content any time you like - drop a line on the Knight's Tale Discord when you're streaming!

And for something (f)extra

We're happy to announce that we teamed up with the folks at Fextralife, who will be creating the game's official Wiki. So if you're ever in need of that bit of extra push on how to defeat a foe or what upgrades to choose for a hero, make sure to check them out here:

There's nothing left but to ready our swords, bows and staves, Heroes, for a knightly quest awaits!