Wasteland 3 - Patch v1.2.0 Live

The so-called “Meat Maker Marinade” patch for inXile Entertainment’s post-apocalyptic RPG Wasteland 3 is here, offering a plethora of gameplay and balance improvements. As a result, you will now need more experience to level up, and critical hits won’t be as plentiful.

The actual patch notes go on for quite a bit, so here are just the highlights:

We announced the 1.2.0 patch in our State of the Frozen Union address as targeting release for this week. Unfortunately we hit some last minute snags, including a bug that seemed to come out of nowhere which makes the Options menu unusable. Making games is fun! We have it fixed already, but it requires we resubmit everything for certification again. To ensure the best possible experience for everyone, we've made the decision to push 1.2.0 just a few business days to next week. As a bit of good news though, Brazilian Portuguese and Italian subtitles are coming in with 1.2.0.

We didn't want to leave you with nothing but a delay notice, so we're sharing all of the changes you can expect to see when patch 1.2.0 hits your platform of choice next week.

One important note for our PlayStation players, is that due to supernatural forces beyond our control, the new Brazilian Portuguese and Italian subtitles will unfortunately not be coming to PlayStation with this patch. We're still trying to get them in before the new year, but as end-of-year console releases are tricky, this may be something to expect in early January.

Wasteland 3 Patch 1.2.0 “Meat Maker Marinade”

  • Balance changes have adjusted some core systems to ensure a true wasteland experience. Developer commentary is included below from David Rogers to help explain the thought process and intentions behind the changes.
  • We finally resolved the issue that could cause the two starting Rangers’ attributes to go into the negative. Thanks to everyone who had to deal with this for your patience.
  • We resolved a few progression blockers which were giving some of you grief, including the Yuma County Speedway door and Little Hell gondola.
  • The incredibly annoying slamming-into-cover issue is now addressed! If you still want your controller to vibrate endlessly we hear there are apps for that.
  • [PC/Xbox] Brazilian Portuguese and Italian subtitles are now available!
    • Note: These additional subtitles are expected to be available on PlayStation by early next year.

Also, according to this Fig update, the game should now work on Mac and Linux devices.