GB Feature: Baldur's Gate II Subsite Overhaul

A few years ago, we overhauled our original Baldur's Gate subsite to cover all of Beamdog's Enhanced Edition changes, while also adding a plethora of content for the team's ambitious Siege of Dragonspear expansion pack. That was a significant amount of work, but it did not require the same level of investment for what we're bringing you today.

In anticipation of Baldur's Gate III, we are ready to share our overhauled Baldur's Gate II subsite that includes over 500 hours of additional work, spanning a re-organization of the walkthroughs for both Shadows of Amn and Throne of Bhaal, a new quests walkthrough section, the addition of the Enhanced Edition content across many pages such as companions, a fully searchable equipment database, pages for the Limited Wish adventure and Crazy Celvan's limericks, and more.

We hope you continue to find these BG and BG2 subsites as useful - or even moreso - as they were when we first launched them over 20 years ago. Enjoy!