Mass Effect - Where to Go Next?

We recently learned that Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, a remaster of the original Mass Effect trilogy, wasn’t just a rumor and that on top of it, a new entry in the beloved sci-fi series was already in the works. With that in mind, you might want to check out this PC Gamer article that tries to imagine where the series could go next.

Here’s a quick excerpt to get you started:

Chris Livingston: A story on a smaller scale would be nice. I don't need to be saving the entire galaxy from extinction by ancient evil robots or whatever, I'd be happy just having personal drama and quests alongside the Mass Effect backdrop. Our journey could tie into major events but maybe just around the edges, kinda like how Foyle's War was about a detective solving murders during World War 2. Yes, the horrifying, world-shaping events are all there and you never forget them, but he's mostly just doing his own grim job amid the global nightmare. You can still create powerful stories without the main character being the most powerful person in the universe.

James Davenport: Make it a scary, intimate survival story.

Andromeda's announcement was exciting to me because I thought we were going to get some truly 'other' sci-fi. Creatures beyond comprehension, inhabitable and unpredictable environments, and a crew of interesting characters moving through it all. Pin the stakes to the mission, but keep the scale small. Mass Effect—hell, all Bioware games—are beloved for the characters above all else. Make the whole game Mass Effect 2's finale, a venture into the mountains of madness, a Lewis and Clark journey that confronts the colonialism. Just put the characters first, and make them very, very stressed and unhappy.