King Arthur: Knight's Tale Updates, $159,324 and Counting

NeocoreGames’ Kickstarter campaign for King Arthur: Knight's Tale has now surpassed its initial goal of $150,000, and is currently looking to hit some stretch goals. According to this update, the first of those will add the Sage class to the game, while the second one will result in a separate PvP mode.

The update linked above also showcases some melee combat, while the latest one features a quick ranged battle, as well as this overview of the game’s Personality system:

Personality & Traits

Last time we talked about the Morality Chart: your decisions will shape your ideological standing and the characteristics of your regency, or, to put it bluntly, you will have an in-game personality of sorts.

This is true for all heroes in King Arthur: Knight’s Tale. Each and every hero you hire has a distinct personality, as they have their own personal goals, world views and even conflicts.

The Personality of heroes is represented within the game mechanics as well: each hero has Traits, which will determine how they relate to you and each other, some of these can be unique to certain heroes.

Let’s say there’s a hero with a Virtuous trait. If you act as a Tyrant, they will be upset, and their loyalty will be eroded with each decision made. Adherents of the Old Faith will not be happy if they share a party with devout Christians. And so on.

Some of these trait combinations are very specific: Balan and Balin, for example, will have an additional advantage of sibling bond, but only if they’re both in the same party.

King Arthur: Knight’s Tale offers more than 100 personality traits for its heroes. It is your job to know your heroes and assign them to missions and parties accordingly. Well, at least, if you want the best results. If you want to see conflicts emerge at the cost of an efficient team, go for it! It might even be entertaining to see what happens!