The Lord of the Rings Online: War of Three Peaks Expansion Live

War of Three Peaks, the latest The Lord of the Rings Online expansion, is now live, available in three editions ranging in price between $19.99 and $99.99. Featuring a new raid, instance, and plenty of missions for one to two players, this expansion will have you helping some dwarves retake their ancient halls and fight an orc army. There’s also plenty of class and general balance changes. You can find the patch notes over here.

Check out the official launch trailer:

Some additional information:

Prince Durin, son of King Thorin Stonehelm, leads his armies to reclaim Gundabad, the Mountain-home of his people! As the Longbeards, Zhélruka, and Stout-axes assemble to lay siege to the great fortress, Orcs led by Gorgar the Ruthless, son of Bolg and brother of Mazog, meet them in battle -- the War of Three Peaks begins!

  • Elderslade: Missions
    Prince Durin Stonehelmson of the Longbeards has declared his intention to retake Gundabad for the dwarves! He needs heroes like you to aid in the war effort if there is any hope of succeeding against the Orc army. Missions are a new way for one or two people to play together, and supports players at multiple levels of the game! Available between levels 20 and 130, earn loot, motes, and much more!
  • New Six Person Instance: Shakalush, the Stair Battle
    It is on the stairs of Bagûd-mekhem, the Gate of Winds, that a decisive battle of the War of Three Peaks is to be fought. There, caught between those loyal to Gorgar the Ruthless and Hrímil Frost-heart, the Gabil'akkâ hope to deal a devastating blow to both of these forces in a single stroke.
  • New Raid: Amdân Dammul, the Bloody Threshold
    The final battle of the War of Three Peaks has begun. Prince Durin Stonehelmson of the Longbeards leads the Gabil'akkâ , a great host of united dwarves, to the very gates of Mount Gundabad. But Gorgar the Ruthless, son of Bolg, has one last surprise in store for those who would seek to usurp him....
  • Exciting Bonus Items in Collector’s and Ultimate Fan Editions!
    Enjoy exciting new items in the Collector’s and Ultimate Fan Bundle, including: A unique cosmetic boar mount, The Elderslade Boar, a unique Armour set, Armour of the Three Peaks, and a Weapon Aura of Orc Bane that glows when orcs are near! You will also get a Large Carry-all selection box, choose a carry-all from this box to help hold more items. Lastly, you will also receive Sealed Relics of the Three Peaks for your Legendary Items! Ultimate Fan edition will have everything in the Collector’s edition, and it will also include another unique boar mount, The Boar of the Three Peaks. You’ll also get two cosmetic pets, a matching Battle-adorned Pig Pet to go with the Boar of the Three Peaks as well as a Treasure-laden Donkey Pet with the Ultimate Fan Edition.