Copper Dreams Update #28 - Build Updates and Gif Roundup

Mechajammer, Whalenought Studios’ cyberpunk RPG formerly known as Copper Dreams, will soon be getting a new beta update featuring an expanded gameplay sequence. Apart from sharing this bit of news, the game’s latest Kickstarter update promises a new gameplay video soon and shares a good deal of sample Gifs.

Here are the brief text parts to get you started:

Alpha/Beta backers — we'll be having an update this week with a couple new death matches for testing, as well as a beginning map of the game — after your "landing" — for a more full scale test of gameplay systems. You can scurry around the jungle and sneak around (alternative read: tear through) scavengers who have an encampment nearby, searching for the keys to a boat for a ferryman to get you to the city.

We'll be breaking out the mic and showcasing this off when we release it.

In the meantime, .gif tax of some recent web activity[...]

Hope this reaches you all safe and well,

Hannah & Joe