GB Feature: Black Geyser: Couriers of Darkness Beta Preview

Any game that draws its inspiration from the Infinity Engine series, has an immediately recognizable isometric viewpoint, and carries a focus on replayability is certainly going to pique our interest. So when Black Geyser: Couriers of Darkness made that apparent in their successful Kickstarter campaign, we were happy to throw our money at the game and check out its recent backer beta. A little something from our three-page preview:
The game's voice acting deserves a special mention since it was great. Not AAA great, but charming and cheesy to the max great. Black Geyser's limited voice acting is mostly used for character introductions and some important story lines, and while a lot of it is surprisingly competent for a crowdfunded game with a limited budget, some of the lines are so over the top ridiculous, they can rival Baldur’s Gate’s famous, “My hotel’s as clean as an elven arse.”

Some areas that are still in dire need of improvements include animations and NPC pathfinding. A proper stealth system would be nice too, as at the moment, you mostly can steal stuff without any objections from the NPCs. The ability to resize the game’s UI and text would also be welcome. Right now, they’re too small for my taste.