Starpoint Gemini 3 “Achiever” Early Access Update Live

Starpoint Gemini 3, Little Green Men Games’ spaceship RPG, has received a new early access update. This so-called Achiever update introduces over 100 Steam achievements, a number of simulation-focused options, and the usual assortment of fixes and improvements. Here's what you can expect:

Hi everyone!

It is almost the middle of the month, so a fitting time for next Starpoint Gemini 3 Early Access update!

Since it's summertime, and the pandemic situation shows no signs of easing, we hope you're still keeping yourself safe and healthy. And clocking some good gaming hours is luckily one of the things that can help with maintaining your safety and distancing while still experiencing a bit of good old fun.

There are a number of improvements in this update, we've included a nice list of fixes and upgrades based on your feedback throughout various forum discussions. Two things will stand out though – firstly the beginning of implementation of a second gameplay „style“ that leans more towards simulation.

Note that all these incoming options will be possible to switch on and off in the game options, depending on whether you prefer to play the game as a more pure action game or more simulation oriented. In this update we're adding the radar screen (for both cockpit and 3rd person cameras) with overview of the surrounding situation. Hope you'll find it useful!

Second important thing is the introduction of Steam achievements. There are over 100 of them, and you'll be rewarded with various achievements from the very start of the game, for any number of activities: exploring, using different weapons, destroying enemies, reaching certain stages of the campaign etc... In main game menu you can check out the entire list of reached achievements as well as those yet to be reached.

Hope these additions, along with many other fixes and upgrades will supply you, ladies and gentlemen, with more goals to play for in this summer heat. Meanwhile, we're going back to player capital ships mechanics that was already announced earlier. We've done some good progress there, but it wasn't yet fully ready to be added with this update. If all goes well, it will be the backbone of next one.

Full changelog for this update is here:

  • ADDED: Ingame active radar, can be toggled in game options
  • ADDED: Steam achievements are now activated and can be gathered
  • ADDED: Entire new Darwin sector colony
  • ADDED: An option to turn off shadows, helpful for slower configurations
  • ADDED: Collectable derelicts throughout sectors. Players can shoot at them, and they can eject loot drops until they are destroyed
  • ADDED: New mining facility structures with mining effects
  • ADDED: New batch of German translations
  • UPDATED: Freelance mission markers don't transfer to different maps
  • UPDATED: Adjusted level of drone damage received
  • UPDATED: Drone events added: weapon fire detection range
  • UPDATED: Cutscene SFX is now bind to overall SFX option slider
  • UPDATED: Detection markers on interior drone missions improved
  • UPDATED: Ambient near planet Jupiter improved
  • UPDATED: Loot drop calculation improved
  • UPDATED: Rich nodes now hidden when player is too far
  • UPDATED: Behavior of enemy drones and their awareness improved
  • FIXED: A few duplicated shortcuts now working properly
  • FIXED: Several causes for possible game breaking issues resolved
  • FIXED: A bug with infinite respawning blueprint
  • FIXED: „Ghost“ loot doesn't appear anymore on interior missions
  • FIXED: Dockable status of Tgates are now saved properly
  • FIXED: Frequency of „engine down“ event reduced
  • FIXED: Upon undocking from Calisto refinery, ambient functions normally now
  • FIXED: Spawned NPC drones now follow correct path
  • FIXED: Shortcuts displayed properly in crafting menu
  • FIXED: Visible mouse pointer during cutscenes removed
Fly safe and stay safe!
LGM Games