Cyberpunk 2077 Interview - Shades of Grey and Cyberspace

Following June’s Night City Wire and the fresh batch of Cyberpunk 2077 previews that followed it, Game Informer designated CD Projekt’s cyberpunk RPG as their next cover story. As a result, we can now check out this article where the game’s lead quest designer Paweł Sasko talks about Cyberpunk 2077’s complex interactions and hidden character motivations. And this one that sheds some light on the game’s approach to cyberspace.

Here’s a couple of sample paragraphs:

Just remember, nothing you do in the net goes unnoticed. Whether it’s corporations or gangs, someone is always tracking you. Netwatch and the Voodoo Boys are the two big powers at odds, and you’ll have to side with one. Netwatch provides high-caliber security for corporations and wants to prevent A.I. anarchy, while the Voodoo Boy are a group of highly skilled netrunners who want to establish contact with the free A.I. beyond the blackwall. The Voodoo Boys believe this will expand their domination over the net, giving them the upper hand against Netwatch. Netwatch believes in maintaining order and doesn’t want to see history repeat itself. Both are dangerous to the world.

During interviews for our cover story, we didn’t waste any time asking about how cyberspace will function in the game. Though the team wants to leave many things mysterious for now, lead quest designer Paweł Sasko provided more clarity. “There are layers,” he explains. “The first layer is the layer that exists in the world in social life. You can see that people have the internet, they have phones, you can check into the computers, and so on, but this is owned mostly by the military. Then you have this next level of netrunners. This specific type of cyberpunk that can go into the network, surf the network, and use it. And that last level is cyberspace – the moment the netrunner is actually inside it.”