Solasta: Crown of the Magister Update - Here Be Monsters

The latest development update for Solasta: Crown of the Magister introduces us to four new monsters we’ll be facing in this upcoming D&D-based CRPG. Afterwards, it shows off the game’s updated character design, some new environments, the recently added feats, and some spell effects.

The update features plenty of images and animations, so be sure to check those out, but here are the text bits:

Hey there folks,

Hope you're all doing well in this fine summer weather! We've been hard at work on implementing quite a few new features... that we'll keep secret for now! Now don't worry, we still have plenty to share regardless. Without further ado, here is our first Dev Update of July - with your weekly dose of friendly feline attached to it[...]

Here Be Monsters!

Enough talk about adventurers, where are the monsters at? Give those poor goblins a break and show us something new. Well well well, today's your lucky day - for we're about to reveal not one, not two... but four new monsters you can look forward to meet in Solasta!

Our first monster is the Minotaur - winner of the February Community Vote, defeating the Ettin, the Ettercap and the Badlands Troll to be crowned the victor! This massive monstrosity is known for its extremely dangerous charge, which can easily down any lesser armored adventurer.

Our second monster is the Ghoul, well known for roaming in packs under the cover of the night, ever looking for humanoid flesh to satisfy their unending hunger. Considering the extreme environment of the Badlands, it is no surprise to see that undeads would thrive in at least some areas. It is, of course, accompanied by their big brother the Ghast - our third monster of today.

Finishing off today's roster is going to be another undead foe, the Wight. Intelligent undead humanoids, Wights are said to be mortals once driven by dark desire and great vanity. Unlike most "lesser" undead beings, Wights are very adept at using weapons, and those who think that they can be easily pick off from afar will quickly change their tune after being turned into pincushions themselves. Among the more terrifying rumors about Wights is their ability to turn anyone they slay into a zombie under their command, preventing any attempt at resurrecting the victim. No one knows if it's true or simply folktales, for few would be willing to test that theory.

As to where you would meet such monsters, let me give you a little taste[...]

Did Anyone Order a (Face)lift?

You've said it, we've said it - none of us are satisfied with the current faces in Solasta. This is why we've been working on it behind the scene - and today we're ready to show you a first glance at what we're working on. We've changed methods on how to create faces, here is our first trial using the new process!

We've said it before and we'll say it again: your feedback matters. Thank you for the time you spend talking about the game, sharing your excitement (and concerns!) with us and other fans!

Environment Artists, Reporting For Duty

Good environment artists are able to make a location come to life, with little details and polish that just make you feel like the area isn't just somewhere for your party goes through - but an important part of the world supporting the game. Places where people live, places where monsters hunt, places left untouched for centuries... Yet, they're most often not those people talk about when the game comes out. So here is some of their recent work for you to enjoy!

Give me Feats, Give me Power, Give me That Which I Desire!

We've just started implementing feats to our leveling system! You will now be able to select feats instead of increasing your ability scores at level 4 and 8. Note that not every Solastan feat has been added to the interface quite yet, so what you're seeing here is mostly a sample of what you'll have in the final game.

We also have a little system to warn you if you're about to pick a Feat that overlaps with your existing features (such as armor or weapon proficiency)

It's a Kind of Magic

No bloopers this week, but instead here is your weekly dose of new spells!