Knights of the Chalice II Updates, $22,177 and Counting

Heroic Fantasy Games’ Kickstarter campaign for Knights of the Chalice II has managed to reach its initial goal in less than a day. Which means that this upcoming D&D-based RPG can now start working towards its stretch goals, and we can check out a number of campaign updates.

The first update shares a video highlighting the game’s Bull Rush maneuver. The second update goes over the studio’s design philosophy and dungeon-design process. Update #3 features a video overview of the game’s classes. Update #4 celebrates the successful opening day of the campaign. And update #5 introduces us to some unique companions.

Here’s the Bull Rush video:

Here’s the one with all the classes:

And here’s what you can expect from the game when it comes to companions:

Excerpts from the Vaults of Loremaster Geldaron.

The story of Ysss

I was once invited to visit the laboratory of a circle of powerful sorcerers. I cannot disclose their identity, but the story is true nonetheless. It was a unique opportunity, for they conducted many bizarre experiments, and this one was perhaps the strangest of all. You see, somehow they had come upon a gelatinous cube that was sentient.

This, however, is nowhere near the strangest part, merely the beginning. They studied the creature intently and discovered many strange things about it. During my visit, as they showed the creature to me, it took the shape of a beautiful woman, or rather the shape of a woman had grown out of the slimy mass. Needless to say, I was shocked when she waved her hand at me.

I was fascinated by it and visited it each night when the others were sleeping. We had long talks of philosophy and such. Ultimately it professed that it loved me and asked me to make love to it. The idea was not as repulsive and grotesque as you might think, dear reader. It is difficult to put to words the appeal of the sensuous creature.

Thankfully, due to my cautious nature, I refused the creature, coming up with some excuse. The next morning when I came to eat breakfast in the great hall, I was told one of the apprentices had been consumed by the gelatinous cube. They found his skeleton lodged inside the ooze. Apparently he had gone to the creature during the night, as I had, but had instead accepted its proposal.

Apparently, the intimate encounter was fatal. When I left the laboratory, the creature told me she would see me again. The notion left me with cold sweat for a week. It wouldn't surprise me if she has escaped by now. So, in short: if you ever see a slimy woman, stay away from her, or you'll regret it!
  • Special Skill [Dissolve]: you may be able to melt a lock or destroy a dangerous Tome of Evil quickly.
  • Blindsight and ooze traits. Acid and Paralysing attack. Large Size increases Damage & Grapple Rolls.
  • Swallow Whole grappling attack. Cannot wear armour.
  • Consume Enemy Corpse to gain benefits.
  • Sorcerer Class.
The story of Kutrang

When I journeyed to the far east, I saw many things you would not believe. Rather than waste your time with such tales, I'll tell you a believable one. I came upon a site of a recent bandit raid. A caravan had been massacred, and everyone had been killed. Curiously, this included all of the bandits, for none of the goods had been stolen.

I grabbed a fancy looking sword, intending to return it to its rightful owner, when it suddenly spoke to me! It called me a villain seeking to steal it! Given that I had never heard a sword speak, I was quite spooked and ran off immediately.

When I came to my wits, I returned, for am I not a Loremaster? Unfortunately, the sword was gone when I came back. Perhaps it grew legs and walked away? The east is a strange place indeed.
  • Special Skill [Break Open], which includes the ability to break open doors and chests.
  • Artifact Samurai Sword. Large Size increases Damage Rolls. Metal Damage Reduction.
  • Cannot be disarmed. Penalties to Grappling. Fire resistance. Cannot wear armour or boots.
  • Can be enchanted and improved with new hilts and magic diamonds.
  • Samurai Class.
The story of Lasouche

I was once given the honour of entering the Golden Library of Abu Rhaal. The Sultan was busy, so I was shown around by a slave. She brought me to a section full of wondrous and strange tomes. My hands sweated profusely but I managed to not touch the books, for to do so would have been to forfeit my life. Instead, I listened patiently and asked questions.

The slave-librarian took out a few tomes and showed me secrets I can't discuss here. In any case, at one point I saw that there was an empty slot in the meticulously organized shelf. Where, I asked, had the book gone? She replied that it had flown away. I laughed, ignorant of the implication.

Rather than shoo me away for my impertinence, she explained to me that once there lived a wizard-poet in the sultanate, one that was known for his knowledge of spells. Indeed, he was so obsessed with spells that he regarded them as poetry. He sought to seek the perfect spell, it was said. Of course, there is no such thing.

One day the wizard's wife came back home to find a book lying on the bed, rather than her husband. The book had a single phrase in it. It said "Since you love books more than your flesh and blood husband, I've turned myself into one!".

The slave-librarian, who turned out to be the wife of the story, explained that it was just an excuse her spell obsessed husband used in order to perfect his craft. Enraged, she had gifted the tome to the Sultan, who was delighted by the story. He had the book chained inside the library so it wouldn't escape. While she did not say so, I suspect the wife regretted her actions and helped spring her husband free. So, if you ever see a book floating around, ask if it can teach you the perfect spell.
  • Special Skill [Small Size], which allows a creature to gain access to narrow tunnels.
  • Book Spell Casting by adding a scroll to the book.
  • Cannot be tripped or fall prone. Vulnerability to fire.
  • Darkvision. Cannot wear armour or boots.
  • Spell Weaver Class.
Special thanks to Tiavals for writing the great stories above. ^^