Tower of Time Final Edition Update Live

Even though the developers over at Event Horizon are primarily focusing on their upcoming tactical steampunk RPG Dark Envoy right now, they haven’t forgotten about Tower of Time either. And as a result, Event Horizon's tactical dungeon crawler can now boast what's known as the “Final Edition” update that fixes some bugs, rebalances the game’s difficulty, and improves some visual effects.

Here’s more on that:

We have done some final polishing work on Tower of Time and we consider it 'Final Edition' now.

Here is the content of the last patch:
  • Fixed achievements on Linux -- now working properly
  • Fixed few very small bugs -- e.g. effect of the fountains not visible immediately
  • Rebalancing of the difficulty -- enemy units, items, skills, battle parameters as number of enemies, spawn frequency, frequency of skills used, etc..
    As a result there shouldn’t be any spikes in difficulty levels when moving between Tower levels. Still – when you outgrow current difficulty level (by building a real kick-ass party) – we highly recommend increasing difficulty during the game. You can do it anytime outside combat.
  • Visual upgrade of some skills -- one example below[...]
Give it a try if you like fast paced RPGs with heavy focus on party customization and tactical real-time combat with pause or slow time.

Join us on Discord - if you want to chat with us or would be interested in closed beta of our next project (once we are ready with it)

If you like what we have created, our next game -- Dark Envoy -- should also be fun. It is much bigger in scope and quality of everything is much higher.

Below is the preview of one of our locations - your starting city:
Pillars of Tyr-Mora, aka City of Bones


Have a great day.

Event Horizon