Gamedec Update #32 - New Screenshots and Pledge Manager Update

Anshar Studios recently launched the pledge manager for their cyberpunk detective RPG Gamedec, and as such, the latest Kickstarter update reminds the game’s backers to complete their surveys. It also shares a good number of fresh screenshots and promotes a curious Slavic-themed adventure game. Here are the text parts:

Hi there!

Last weeks were extremely busy with setting up the Pledge Manager (You can read about this HERE) and our entry to the Indie Celebration Showcase (link). Right now we are focusing on cooking the beta-test build of the game, and on other activities which we will announce shortly. There's a lot to do, but we are not stopping!


We have a dose of new screenshots - we want to show you the progress we're making to get closer to the finish line.

You can recognize some of the places, but there are some new we didn't mention before. And those places... will stay secret, for now. We have a reveal planned soon - who knows, maybe in the form of video footage? Dev Diary? Let us know in the comments what form of presenting new stuff best suits your preferences.


And now it's time to share some love!

If you like the first-person exploration and adventure story-based games and love the Slavic setting – our friends from The End of the Sun Team are in the middle of their Kickstarter campaign.

This game will have a non-linear, engaging, and immersive story where you will be able to experience the particular elements at your own pace. Series of mysterious events that ordinary people dealt with as they were living in a small village where myths and reality are crossing each other.

On top of that, the team behind the project has visited ethnographic museums where they've scanned hundreds of objects, and entire buildings, to recreate the best possible feeling of the Slavic Culture.

You can check out their campaign here:

Small reminder about the Pledge Manager

Don't miss the survey! Check your email for a link to your Survey and complete it so that we will be able to send you your rewards in the future! Please check your spam folder for the Survey if you didn't get one yet. If it's not there, let us know in the direct message via Kickstarter or directly to team[at]

Be sure that you have to be present on the server to get your backer role assigned if you stated your Discord handle in the Survey. Some of you gave us the handle but didn't join the server yet.

Watch our Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube channel for more. If you'd like to talk with our team or want to ask a question to the Author of the Gamedecverse (Marcin S. Przybyłek) and chat with enthusiasts like you - join our Discord channel.

As always, a big Thank You,

from #TeamGamedec