Stoneshard Preview

Ink Stains Games’ turn-based RPG Stoneshard is currently going through early access on Steam. And while the game is still a good while away from being finished, Eurogamer decided to check it out, and as a result we can now read their preview article that highlights some of the game’s standout features. An excerpt:

Therefore you need to tend to wounds and general condition after every battle, bandaging bleeds and salving minor wounds, or putting more seriously maimed limbs in splints until they stabilise. You can even apply leeches. All of this affects your pain gauge. Let it rise too high and, again, you'll receive a negative condition - a kind of debuff - which will negatively affect how you perform in battle.

It's not just physical disabilities either. Being a mercenary is a clearly tough gig, all that fighting and killing, and Stoneshard (like Darkest Dungeon) recognises this. You can suffer many kinds of mental afflictions on your path, from paranoia to megalomania, to obsession, narcissism, even psychopathy. Yes there are a few positive ones but they're a rare occurrence here. Throw in hunger and thirst and Stoneshard sounds like not a lot of fun, doesn't it? And yet it is. It oozes confidence and charm.