Encased Interview

Dark Crystal Games’ post-apocalyptic RPG Encased that’s currently going through early access, features a turn-based combat system similar in some ways to the original Fallout titles. As such, the folks over at Turn Based Lovers had a chat with the game’s developers. The resulting interview covers Encased’s gameplay, loot system, combat design, inspirations, and more.

Here’s something to get you started and you go from there:

1st Turn ) Let’s start talking about the gameplay. How much freedom will have the player in order to complete the quests? For example, at the very beginning of the game, when you are stuck in the lift, I noticed that you can solve the problem in many ways. There will be the same degree of freedom throughout the entire game?

In our opinion, the player’s freedom is the most important aspect of a quality RPG. We strive to provide a real variability, which would be manifested not only in dialogue options but also in multiple ways to complete quests and overall NPC and world interactions. If a player wants to get an item, he can use force or cunning, buy or bargain. We don’t want to limit players even in obviously bad actions. For example, you can break a capsule on which you’re transported under the Dome. That way you’ll kill everyone inside and finish the game in 1 minute.

Each quest in the game can be completed in many ways, which is important for an RPG. It is often very difficult to predict the consequences of such decisions. Most significantly, in Encased, there is no right way to play through the game. Everything depends on the creativity of the player, his perseverance and interests.