Geneforge 1 - Mutagen Update #4

The first post-funding development update for Spiderweb Software’s Geneforge 1 - Mutagen shares a reassuring progress report and talks about the new creation that’s being designed specifically for the remake, as well as some general backer contribution guidelines. It also shows off some full color art. Here are the text parts:

Greetings from Spiderweb Software! We hope you are well in this difficult time. We have the good fortune to be able to work from home, making toys which make being stuck at home more tolerable. Of course, we’ve beena working hard on Geneforge 1- Mutagen. One month has passed since the Kickstarter ended, and we’ve made some progress.

We have put the first three sections (out of around 80) into the game. That is the tutorial plus the first city. Completing these sections has forced us to finish all the the chunks of the engine we were putting off, like shops and selling and big chunks of training. The base version of the game engine is pretty much done.

We are working on graphics now. We’re going through our own graphics libraries and working with four freelancers to come up with interesting art with a more unified style.

Now we are slowly gearing up to full section production. This will involve a lot of polish. Mechanics from the old game, like stealth and mines, are being reworked to make them clearer and more interesting.

Now comes the fun stuff … How you can contribute to the game!

The New Creation

The core of Geneforge 1 - Mutagen is making powerful mutant monsters to fight for you. Thanks to our generous backers we are adding a new creation to the game for you to make. Something strange and powerful and cool. And we want to use our ideas to create it.

The first step for this will be the creations’s look. A little dragon? A slime monster? An ant who stands on human legs? What sort of a mutant horror would you think it in cool to control? Send your ideas to geneforgegame[at] I will spend the next month going over your suggestions and seeing what seems neat or what a lot of people like the idea of.

Once the look is selected, we can talk about its purpose in the game and what sort of abilities it will have. (Of course, you can suggest abilities and purpose when you send your appearance ideas.)

Contributing To Design

Finally, we have written the guide to contributing the game. If you backed Geneforge at a level where you can contribute something to the game, you should have gotten a message from us. It will tell you how to get the design guide to help you help make the game. If you haven’t gotten it, check your spam filter. It that doesn’t help, contact us at support[at]

Thank you all again for your generous support, and you’ll hear from us again in a month.

- Jeff Vogel