Encased - Content Patch 2 Live

The second content patch for the early access version of Dark Crystal Games’ post-apocalyptic RPG Encased is now live. This Steam announcement shares an overview of the new stuff that includes new systems, encounters and items, as well as the full patch notes that go on for quite a while. So, here’s what you can expect to find if you launch Encased right now, and you can take things from there:

Reworked balance, fixed skill trees, improved locations, new equipment, cryogenic laser, story quests and much more. It took less than four months to work on the new patch, but it seemed like an eternity to us.

After the release of the December patch, we received a lot of feedback that made us rethink the game balance and how it feels. While developing the second patch, we tried to make Encased more stable, intuitive and friendly game that won't force you to restart your playthrough because of a "broken" character build or guess what you need to do in your new quest. We have also added tactical diversity to battles by implementing cover system and strategic points. We've also introduced grenades with an area of effect. Because of that, battles in Encased feel completely different.

RPG systems have been also changed a lot: skill trees (for example, "Psionics" and "Medicine") are starting to come to life. Abilities for certain types of weapons were added. There is no need to study them, they are weapon-related. That allows us to emphasize the difference between a pistol and a revolver. The outcome of the battle is also influenced by the time of day, the tendency of opponents to attack in packs or alone, and many other factors, which we will talk more about in one of our updates.

As avid RPG fans, we know that RPG is more than just a good combat system and a set of stats, skills and perks. RPGs are famous for a great atmosphere, and a lot of changes in Patch 2 are made with that in mind. Almost all locations have been reworked. We added a lot of new 3D models, worked with materials and light, making Concord look completely different from Magellan, and Magellan looks like no other bunker scattered across the desert. In addition to the bunkers, in the desert you will find separate dialog branches for a character with low intelligence (right now they are in a test mode, and present only in a few locations of the prologue!), new random encounters and a slightly revised storyline of the New Committee, preparing the player to meet with the other factions that will appear in the next patch.