Age of Wonders: Planetfall - Invasions Announced

Age of Wonders: Planetfall, Triumph Studios and Paradox Interactive’s sci-fi take on their Age of Wonders series, will be getting a new expansion on May 26, 2020. Entitled Invasions, the expansion will revolve around a new playable race of devious space lizards who you can watch do their thing in this announcement trailer:

And then, you might want to check out this developer diary to learn more about the new features coming to Planetfall once Invasions goes live. Here are the text parts:

Hello everyone! Today we are announcing the next expansion for Age Of Wonders - Planetfall: Invasions! Invasions will be released on the 26th of May on all platforms, and we’ll be doing a series of Dev Journals and streams to tell you all about it!

The Shakarn

The stars of the show are the Shakarn, this new player race are a race of cold blooded lizards who are dedicated to war and conquest, the Shakarn have been lurking on the edges of Star Union space for centuries. The Shakarn have a caste based society, the Domok caste are the soldiers who follow a doctrine of brute force and aggression.

However the strength of the Domok was not enough to threaten the power of the Star Union, so the Zardas caste deployed their infiltrators to spread through Star Union space, probing for weaknesses and searching for valuable weapons technology that could be stolen to gain an advantage.

The Star Union has now fallen, and the Shakarn have decided the time has finally come for them to strike. They know that humanity has failed in its bid for galactic dominance, and it’s time for a new race to rise and take over.

The Shakarn will be getting a new 2 mission campaign to tell their story, and we’ll be making a new Dev Diary soon to go into detail about how they work!

The Voidbringers

The Shakarn are not the only dangers that have been lurking out in the void, a group of beings known as the Voidbringers have also been stirring, and have chosen this moment to make their appearance.

Distantly related to the Psifish, the Voidbringers deploy armies of enslaved thralls to try and take over the planet. They cannot be bargained with or befriended, your only options are to fight for your survival or submit to the slavery of the void.

World Events

Making a return from Age of Wonders 3, the World Event system generates random happenings during gameplay to provide extra challenges and opportunities[...]

And much more!

Still to come we have:
  • A new NPC faction for players to befriend (or annihilate!)
  • New exploration sites
  • New wildlife units
  • A new cooperative world template.
There’s still lots of streams and dev diaries to come where we’ll be looking at all of these things in closer detail!

Invasions will be available on all platforms on May the 26th.