BattleTech Update #61 - Campaign Complete

Harebrained Schemes’ BattleTech will be getting its final content update in a couple of weeks. And according to this Kickstarter update, this upcoming update 1.9 will mark the end of the game’s development and allow the studio to move on to their next projects. As such, we're treated to some neat stats and infographics, and this message from HBS’ Mitch Gitelman:

Some additional information:


Thanks again for all your support for BATTLETECH over the last 4 years. That support allowed us to deliver the first turn-based, tactical MechWarrior experience in more than 20 years and we truly appreciate the opportunity to make it for you. Your support, along with some great press, awards, and accolades allowed us to continue supporting BATTLETECH with nine free updates plus our Flashpoint, Urban Warfare, and Heavy Metal expansions. Thanks again for making all of this possible!

Now, with our season pass at an end, HBS is going to focus on two brand new non-BattleTech projects. Our last free update, BATTLETECH Update 1.9, will release in late February. After that, BATTLETECH will continue to maintain customer support.


We look forward to seeing all the badass BATTLETECH mods y'all come up with. Talk to you again when we have something to announce!