Archetype Entertainment - New Studio Founded by BioWare Veterans

Back in April of 2019, we learned that Wizards of the Coast hired James Ohlen of BioWare fame to head their new RPG-focused studio. That mysterious studio has now been revealed as Archetype Entertainment. With Ohlen at the helm, Archetype is currently working on a yet to be announced multi-platform sci-fi RPG. Assisting him in this task are a number of other BioWare veterans, most notably Chad Robertson (previously head of live service at BioWare) and Drew Karpyshyn (one of BioWare’s most renowned writers).

So, while I’m not saying that this is the BioWare reunion we’ve all been waiting for, I’m still very curious to see what this endeavor brings us. Here are some additional details:


Archetype Entertainment is a game development studio in Austin, Texas led by industry veterans from BioWare and other AAA studios. Founded in 2019, Archetype is an autonomous division of Wizards of the Coast. We are assembling a world-class team to build a multi-platform roleplaying game set in a new science fiction universe.

At Archetype, we believe there will always be a place for story-driven roleplaying games that put the player at the center of an epic personal narrative with impactful choices. We are building games that represent the diversity of our audience. We also believe that game studios should empower top developers and challenge them with ambitious projects that are shaped by a strong, clearly communicated creative vision.

“Archetype is a chance for us to build the type of roleplaying game that we love to play. Video games are a uniquely interactive medium. They allow us to give the player powerful choices that have real consequences on how the story unfolds.”

— James Ohlen, Head of Studio

“The tremendous opportunity and challenge we have in building a new world-class game studio isn't lost on us. We're leaning on the experience and talent of our entire team to create what we believe will be the next generation of acclaimed, narrative-driven roleplaying games.”

— Chad Robertson, General Manager