The Elder Scrolls: Blades Update 1.5 Live

The Elder Scrolls: Blades, Bethesda's mobile take on The Elder Scrolls series, has received its biggest update yet in Update 1.5. The update removes chest timers, overhauls the game's loot system, introduces player guilds and a special PvP Arena mode. As such, you can find the latest patch notes here, and get some helpful Arena tips here.

Check out this official update trailer:

And this developer-narrated highlights video:

Some additional information:

With our biggest update to Blades yet, you’ll find significant (and community-requested!) changes and additions to the game. Update 1.5 completely removes Chest timers, majorly overhauls the loot, opens the Arena for PvP combat, and enables you to join guilds alongside your fellow Blades. Update 1.5 also fixes bugs and balancing issues, includes new features, and incorporates new improvements—such as limiting all elemental-enhanced attacks, so enemies no longer cause multiple types of elemental damage. The full patch notes are below!

  • No More Chest Timers: That’s right—all Chest timers have been completely removed. You’ll no longer wait to find out what treats await you in every Chest. Plus, you’ll receive a full Gem refund for Gems you spent upgrading your Chest capacity.
  • Major Loot Overhaul: You’ll see more loot from more enemies, every job now has a Boss at the end who may drop Legendary equipment when you defeat them, more breakable objects with more loot, and so much more!
  • PvP Combat: The Arena is open! After unlocking the Arena automatically at level 5, you can combat other players in best-of-3 matches and fight for glory.
  • Guilds: Create or join a guild of up to 20 fellow Blades, where you can engage in private chat and visit your guildmates’ Towns to buy from their merchants.

And here's what you need to know before jumping into the Arena:

The Arena has arrived!

The time has come for your Blade to cross swords with some of the fiercest competition in Tamriel. Preparation is essential for The Elder Scrolls: Blades’ new player-versus-player mode, so get a leg up with our special beginner’s guide to the Arena!


You can’t fight in the Arena if you can’t find the Arena! The PvP modes unlocks at Player Level 5 the next time you visit your town. You can learn more by talking to Noura, who is located on the left-hand side of town.


These are real players you’ll be squaring off against in the Arena. Make sure your character is equipped with the best gear available! While your stuff can’t break during an Arena match, it can still break afterwards. Use the repair option in the Arena menu to have an available Blacksmith in your town repair your broken equipment.


In addition to weapons and armor, you’ll also want to come to the Arena prepared with potions and poisons to give you an edge in battle. You must equip consumables in the lobby before a match starts but not to worry: a prompt will appear before matchmaking to let you know if you’ve forgotten to stock up. You can only use one potion or poison per round, so choose wisely!


Combat in the Arena isn’t settled simply by the strongest sword. Keen fighters also use conditions to wear down their opponents. Conditions can be inflicted on a foe through spells, abilities, enchanted gear or dealing a set amount of elemental damage. Some status effects include:
  • On Fire: Inflicts additional fire damage over time and prevents Health regeneration.
  • Frozen: Slows down weapon swing speed and prevents Stamina regeneration.
  • Poisoned: Inflicts poison damage over time while also reducing maximum Health for the duration of the round.
  • Drained: Hinders Magicka regeneration and healing.

In between rounds, players can switch up their equipment and spells. This is a great opportunity for a cunning entrant to turn the tables on their opponent! For example, if a foe is giving you trouble with fire spells, slip into some fire-resistant armor or equip defensive spells like Absorb, Ward or Resist Elements to stay one step ahead of the competition.


Swinging your weapon haphazardly won’t get you far in the Arena. When your opponent’s guard is down, utilize combo attacks to get in the most damage possible! To combo attack, alternate your attacks from side to side in rapid (but controlled) succession. Be careful: while powerful, combo attacks can be predicted and blocked if your opponent recognizes a pattern. Vary up your offense to keep enemies on their toes!


Getting stunned by an ability or a blocked attack can quickly turn the tide of battle against you! Take advantage of abilities that help you break free from stun effects such as Dodging Strike, Adrenaline Dodge, Focusing Dodge, Renewing Dodge and Recovery Strikes. While useful against stuns, note that these abilities won’t do you any good against a Paralyze status effect!


Spell effects that shock and freeze your opponent are so much more than flashy damage – they can debilitate your foe’s actions! Spells that Shock opponents can drain their Magicka, preventing them from casting spells of their own. Frost spells reduce your opponent’s Stamina, cutting them off from using their abilities! Keep an eye on your foe’s skills to see if they’re reliant on Magicka or Stamina as well as what spells they’re resistant to. Counter them with the right elemental response and you’ll be a champion in no time!