Din's Legacy Reviews

Soldak Entertainment's dynamically evolving action-RPG Din's Legacy launched out of Early Access earlier this year. The game flew mostly under the radar, but if you do some digging, you can still find some reviews of it online. So, let's start with this recent scoreless RPG Watch review:

Din's Legacy offers a wide variety of interesting mechanics. It also features a character system which encourages experimentation. The variety of scenarios, and the steady unlocking of new character abilities encouraged me to play through it quite a while. Din's Legacy is essentially an endless game, for those who remain fascinated with its unusual developing world and its deep mechanics. What it doesn't offer is much atmosphere, story, or presentation. There will be players who will find its minimalism in these aspects too much of a turn off to be motivated to give it a chance. But I think in the case of Din's Legacy, a small indie can't compete with a game from a mid-sized developer on all levels, so that it was probably better that the developer didn't try to make a formulaic game worse in almost every aspect, but tried to make a game with different strengths than its larger competitors have. For those who like this kind of Diablo-like action dungeon crawler and want to play something that diverges quite a bit from the established formula, and who are willing to overlook the game's presentation and its rather generic atmosphere, I can recommend Din's Legacy.

And then check out some of the earlier ones.

Sci-fi and Fantasy Network Scoreless:

Overall, this is a great indie title which gives a lot of gameplay for your money. The new explorer mode makes it much more new player friendly. So, if you tried one of the previous titles and found it too unforgiving and overwhelming while getting started then I would suggest that you to give this game a try. Selecting the new exploration option, will give new players more breathing space in order to get to grips with the basics before plunging fully in.

IndianNoob 7/10:

Din’s Legacy is a very unique, deep and unforgiving experience. It’s hard to find an ARPG that offers the level of nuanced gameplay Din’s Legacy does. That being said, it’s hard to recommend Din’s Legacy to the average ARPG player. The level of randomness in the world and the clunkiness in the gameplay might be enough to turn players away from Din’s Legacy. It’s made with a particular niche in mind and thus can be hard to appreciate for people unfamiliar with Soldak games. But It’s never too late to join them, especially since there’s a free demo you can try to make up your mind (better than this review ever will). Everything said and done, I had a good time with Din’s Legacy. Then again, I’m a sucker for RPGs that are rough around the edges.

Quarter to Three 3/5:

But what are you going to do, go way back to Din’s Curse, the second game? No need, as this is state-of-the-art for action RPGs in Soldak’s fantasy worlds. If you want the town management and survival challenge of Zombasite, there’s always Zombasite. Din’s Legacy, on the other hand, finds that familiar groove carved out by Soldak’s reliable, effective, and still proprietary formula. The latest lonely member of the Depths of Peril revolution unspools with the same easy pull of any good action RPG. But instead of simply hoovering up loot and experience points, you’re untangling an emergent tangle of quests spawning quests spawning quests, working your way toward saving whichever world you’ve rolled up. Before you know it, you’ve got a high level character not because you were trying to get a high level character; but because you were getting things done that only your hero could do. How nice to be back in a world where you matter for a change.