Dauntless - 1.0.2 Update and Haunted Shadows Hunt Pass Available

Phoenix Labs, the team behind the free to play co-operative action-RPG Dauntless, brings us a new update for their game that adds a number of quality of life features and introduces some balance tweaks alongside the new Haunted Shadows Hunt Pass. You can find the patch notes for the latest update over here and watch the Hunt Pass trailer below:

An overview of the new stuff:

  • The Night Hunters and the Unseen have arrived in Ramsgate, heralding the beginning of a new Hunt Pass: Haunted Shadows. Drive back the darkness, or become one with it.
  • The “Missing Kat” quest was causing problems for players who needed Kat present for other quests. It’s been removed, and the content reworked to make sure she’s always accessible when you need her.
  • The Middleman now has an information panel that breaks down the basics of cell vending, including how to combine cells and how to speed up the process.
  • There’s a new Bounty Card for hunting with friends! This replaces the time-limited “Friends Indeed” quest, and comes in bronze, silver and gold variants.
  • If you purchase a sigil, banner fabric, or dye in the Personality screen, it will now automatically equip. No more clicking around to show off your new style!
  • Stalker’s Price, the Riftstalker hammer, has a new, unique ammo clip, giving it the flavour it deserves.
  • All Basic Track content from the Way of the Fist Hunt Pass is now purchasable from the store.
  • The in-game compass has been completely reworked, ensuring that Slayers can easily find their way around Ramsgate, identify quest prompts, and track flares while on a hunt.
  • There’s now an AFK timer on islands – players who are inactive for three minutes will be automatically returned to Ramsgate.