Conan Exiles - Debaucheries of Derketo DLC Pack Available

Debaucheries of Derketo is the latest DLC pack for Funcom's survival RPG Conan Exiles. You can purchase the DLC on Steam for $9.99 or your regional equivalent and get access to new building pieces, placeables, armor, war paints, outfits, and jewelry, all themed around treetop buildings and excessive luxury. The DLC is accompanied by a patch that introduces a new dungeon, some new and improved animations, and an assortment of miscellaneous fixes.

Here's the official DLC trailer:

And a quick overview of the new stuff:

The third DLC Pack included in this year’s Season Pass is now available for purchase! With the Debaucheries of Derketo Pack we’re expanding your building and roleplaying options in several ways.

For all you builders and interior decorators out there we’re adding new building pieces and placeables that will let you build the tavern of your dreams. Wine racks, curtains, counters, even an entire chess set, is available at your fingertips.

But that’s not all: you can also build special treetop foundations and rope bridges to bring your jungle constructions to the next level. Once your treehouse is finished you can create an opulent bedroom with red curtains and new luxurious beds.

We’re introducing twelve DLC exclusive emotes that you can only get with the Debaucheries of Derketo Pack. These include things like juggling balls, chugging a mug of beer and smashing it into the ground, and acting drunk. Finally, with the new clothing options you can cover yourself in new jewelry, dress like an innkeeper, or live out your fantasies of being a noble with all new outfits.

  • 10 new building pieces
    Pieces to build rope bridges, stages and a tree hut foundation
  • 10 new armor pieces in two sets, such as the Dark Templar armor
    Two heavy sets with an epic end-game version of each
  • 12 new exclusive emotes
    Juggle, drink beer, look nonchalant, angry and much more
  • 10 new outfit pieces, such as the innkeeper and noble
    Decorative clothing perfect for roleplayers
  • 6 new warpaints
    Decorative warpaints symbolizing emotions, like passion or lust
  • 29 new placeables for building a tavern interior plus more
    Craft wine racks, curtains, tavern counters and chess sets
  • 10 new jewelry pieces
    Two sets of jewelry, one in gold and one in silver
All the new content from Debaucheries of Derketo is exclusive to this DLC and adds a host of new visual options but does not give any in-game advantage in power. All the new items have comparable stats to existing items.