WARSAW Reviews

WARSAW, Pixelated Milk's side-scrolling RPG that offers a more historical take on the Darkest Dungeon formula, launched earlier this month. According to this Steam announcement, the game will be getting regular content updates throughout October, with the first of those already live. And if you're thinking about purchasing the game, you might be interested in checking out some reviews. You can find a few below:

Metro 6/10:

Extremely rough around the edges but even in its current state this is an engrossing and tension-filled strategy role-playing game that offers a very different perspective of WWII.

PC Invasion 6/10:

Warsaw is challenging at times to the point of harsh realism and it has an assortment of foes to take out. But, with mechanics that are downright arcadey and odd, Warsaw's missteps mar what could've been a brilliant look at a major event in Poland's history during World War II.

Rock Paper Shotgun Scoreless:

Would I recommend it? Not quite yet, no. Brilliantly named developers Pixelated Milk have already released a content roadmap for October. While some of it looks like bonus story events and the like, the sort of thing you’d expect from traditional DLC, there are also entire new systems and difficulty levels, changes that look like they’ll alter and enrich the game dramatically. It speaks to care and generosity on Pixelated Milk’s part, sure, but also makes me think Warsaw dropped a month shy of being ready.

That said, I can see myself returning to it after that month. Each character class I’ve found so far has been really distinct, and I still have a few to encounter. Warsaw has the makings of a genuinely fascinating, unyielding tactical game with a lot of heart and reverence for the events it’s based on. Still, as is, it’s currently a hard sell unless you’re really intent on a challenge that, while thematically resonant, often feels more arbitrary than it is complex.

OnlySP 3/5:

Five hours into a session, the player could be forgiven for thinking that only half that time has gone by. WARSAW has an addictive quality that comes from sublime gameplay and a pervasive feeling of desperation. ‘Just one more mission,’ goes the refrain. ‘Just one more’ until the final mission is complete, and the game comes to its shattering end. WARSAW may be short, but as an engaging history lesson and an engrossing game, it warrants any number of replays.

Game Rant 3/5:

All in all, Warsaw is a solid foundation, but the balancing issues may make it difficult for players to love. There are a lot of interesting ideas present here, though the execution, in some instances, has been flubbed. Still, the hand-drawn art style, challenging battles, and interesting backdrops are enough to make it worth experiencing in most cases. There are other, better challenging games out there this fall, Like The Surge 2, but Warsaw will be a good experience for those with lots of patience looking for a challenge to overcome, so long as they can get passed its multitude of issues.

Cultured Vultures 8/10:

Warsaw is a good installment in the dungeon crawler genre with its historical theme, excellent artstyle, and atmosphere carrying the experience. However, it can feel tedious at times with the slow responsiveness of skills during combat and some grindy situations in combat.

Screen Rant 2.5/5:

It might be wise to watch Warsaw’s post-launch progress, because a better tutorial, some tweaks here and there (weapon accuracy is a serious problem, with countless 85%-and-up shots missing their target), and general stability updates could make this the exact type of game a very particular player will appreciate. Beyond that, its subtle history lesson concept is fascinating and thorough, and may even move some to read up on the Warsaw Uprising of 1944. For now, though, it’s going to need a bit more work to live up to its inspirations.