Code of the Savage Update #19

Geoff Jones brings us a new Kickstarter update for his Ultima-inspired old-school RPG Code of the Savage. The update directs us to the game's official Discord server and lists the recent fixes and improvements for the game's ongoing backer-exclusive alpha demo. Check it out:

Hello everyone!

First of all, I'd like to make you all aware that I've created a Discord server for Code of The Savage. This will hopefully make it a lot easier to communicate ideas. Head on over to

I've added a day and night indicator to the sidebar that will display different things depending on if the player is on the surface, or underground.

Hover over colors for NPCs have been added. The colour will be blue when the action is neutral, and red when the action is hostile. The range circle is just for debug purposes, and wont show in the final game.

List of fixes:
  • Fixed fence gates having a gap that you could walk through
  • Fences now auto placed
  • Trees revamped
  • Furniture now complies with new depth system
  • Fixed flat decoration items showing half under tabletops
  • Fixed combat knock-back effect exploit allowing NPCs to the knocked through a wall
  • Fixed enemies facing random directions when chasing the player
  • Fixed player moving when canceling action
  • Night time backdrop now much more efficient
  • Fixed credits not scrolling more than once
  • Fixed arrow depth issue
  • Player attack depth issue fixed
  • Fixed ranged weapon not blocked by blocker tiles
  • Updated the target range system to be more accurate and efficient
  • Fixed actions from being able to be triggered when the player is out of range
  • Look action now triggers on the highest depth item
  • Equipment shown on player revamped to be more efficient
  • Fixed sword showing briefly on player avatar even when no sword is equipped
  • Fixed enemies from moving up and down when they are directly to the players left or right
  • Added hover over highlights to NPC depending on which action is selected
  • Added depth system for NPCs on screen
  • Added target box to NPCs to make it easier to target
  • Added Day/Night cycle indicator to sidebar
  • Added poop...
As usual, the Dropbox folder has been updated with the latest version of the alpha build. Please use the Discord server for any feedback and suggestions! Ill be continuing to build out the world. I'm fairly happy with how the game is running at the moment. Frame rate has again been improved.

Code of the Savage Discord