System Shock Remastered Edition Update #58

This month's Kickstarter update for Nightdive Studios' System Shock Remastered Edition shares a series of comparison screenshots, a few pieces of concept art, and some enemy models, so as usual you should check it out yourself, but here are a few paragraphs describing some of the monsters you may encounter in the game:

I would say the station is looking good enough to bloody up soon... So moving on to some enemies being modeled, starting with the Cyborg Assassin.

Robb Waters' modernized version of Trioptimum's elite cybernetic soldiers, a favorite enemy of the Nightdive team and the only enemy type from System Shock 1 that also appeared in System Shock 2. The prominent head-mounted scanner of the original has been reinterpreted as a surgically implanted visor that plugs directly into the optic nerve.

Conceived for the System Shock Remake, the Cyborg Surgeons are ambient, non-aggressive characters who process and maintain Shodan's minions, as well as perform menial data tasks around the station.

Male and Female variants of the Humanoid Mutant, crewmembers of Citadel Station warped by Shodan's biological experiments and implanted with cybernetic eyes. To add visual variation, Mutants will wear stretched, tattered, and bloody versions of the crew outfits they wore during their grotesque transformation, like the Standard Operations and Doctor outfits shown here.

The Virus Mutant, the horrific result of a human's exposure to Shodan's V-5 Mutagen Virus. Some wormy visual cues in its skin point to the fact that it is a crude, early predecessor to the Hybrids of System Shock 2.