Queen's Wish: The Conqueror Update #16

This month's development update for Spiderweb Software's latest project - Queen's Wish: The Conqueror - lets us know that the game's storyline is now roughly two weeks away from completion, which puts it on track for the planned September release. Apart from that, we get a quick progress update, some backer-related info, and a fresh screenshot.

Here are the text parts:

Another big month for getting stuff done. We are about 2 weeks from having the entire storyline written. That is the biggest single milestone. It’s the point where we go from “Writing a Game” to “Finishing a Game,” and it’s really exciting.

All sound effects are done. This means we can load a lot of other fancy stuff (like weather) that were waiting for sounds.

Early Macintosh testing to get the game to a playable state is going very well, if exhausting. We’re getting dozens of bug reports a day, and each one gets us a little closer to done.

It will take about a week after the story is written to actually finish the game. This includes writing achievements, instructions, the splash screen, and so on. Then comes final testing and the Windows port. We’re still looking great for a September release.

* Notes to Backers

We sent out a survey to everyone who backed us at the “Supporter of the Queen Tier.” This means you are listed as a supporter in the credits. Please watch for this and fill it out soon. We want to make sure that if you paid to make it into the credits you get there.

Finally, here is a new screenshot. This is High Elhovo, the heart of the Ahriel Woods, where the leaders of the strange, arrogant Ahriel folk reside. You will spend a lot of time doing diplomacy and buying off interested parties. Of course, you have to hope that the Ahriel listen to reason.

- Jeff Vogel