Unconfirmed: Larian Studios About to Announce Baldur's Gate III

If you head on over to the official Larian Studios website, you'll see a fancy splash screen with the Roman numeral III on it. And while with Larian's naming conventions this could mean many things, including Divinity III or Divinity: Original Sin III, according to this RPG Codex thread, the image itself holds the answer and points us in the direction of the one and only Baldur's Gate III.

Which doesn't come as a surprise considering all the rumors swirling around last year. And while back then Larian denied their involvement in this project, this time around they're acting a bit more coy, having replied to WCCFTech's questions by telling them to “enjoy the ride.”

And this is what Larian's boss Swen Vincke had to say on the matter:

So I guess with E3 right around the corner, we'll be getting our answers soon.