Grim Dawn Grim Misadventures #160 - All Set Here

Now that the Forgotten Gods expansion for Crate Entertainment's action-RPG Grim Dawn is released, the regular “Grim Misadventure” development updates are less frequent, but they're still coming. The latest one, for example, directs us to the patch notes for the update that went live a few days back and offers a preview of the next update that will introduce twenty new items, some additional cosmetic options and several new Shattered Realm levels.

Check out the update itself for some screenshots, and here are the text parts:

Welcome to Grim Misadventures!

We hope you are thoroughly enjoying the visual updates of v1.1.2.0. We may actually sneak a few more in next patch.

Speaking of the next update, that’s hot in the works over here at Crate, so we’d like to give you a deeper look into what you can look forward to with v1.1.3.0!


First off, this update is actually much closer than you might expect as we’ve been chipping away at it while developing V1.1.2.0. So expect these changes to go into playtesting posthaste, and then soon after that it will be in your hands!

The focus of V1.1.3.0 is to fill in some gaps that currently exist in our selection of sets, and to provide you with some hot new Illusionist options of course!

This update will introduce twenty new items, distributed across five new Legendary quality sets, and you can take a look at them all below!

Pyran’s Ruminations

You’ve already seen this unusual look in our Forgotten Forecast. This set is all about raining destruction down upon your foes with support for Devastation, Mortar Trap, and Celestial Guardians. The full set grants you a ranged explosion so you can throw fire while you’re throwing fire.

The Korvan Dunefiend

With blades that carry an acidic bite, you will spin to win and Shadow Strike your way into the fray in style! Empower your attacks with the Blood of Dreeg, should you choose.

Targo’s Craft

Said to be forged by the gods themselves, this heavy plate will cast Judgment upon your foes. Once they’re up close and personal, cleave them down with Blade Arc or Amarasta’s Blade Burst!

The Voidsoul

Tainted by the powers of the void, this mighty plate teems with sinister energies. Aegis is forever changed and the Flames of Ignaffar bristle with chthonic power. Finish off any fleeing foes with a devastating Doom Bolt.


Disease and pustules embody this rotting armor. Charge into battle with Vire’s Might and unleash your vile powers through a Vitality Primal Strike. Finish off any stragglers with an empowered Dreeg’s Evil Eye.


We can’t just stop with twenty new items, that’s not how we roll around here. In addition to these awesome new sets, we will also be introducing several quirky new levels to the Shattered Realm that put a bit of a twist on the standard formula. We look forward to your reactions once you find them.

In addition, we’ve heard many requests for another opportunity to support Crate Entertainment. We are incredibly humbled and want to make sure that you get something amazing for your additional support.

Allminoxy is hard at work on what will become the Loyalist Item Pack #2. We’ll be sure that this collection of items not only looks badass but also embodies your support for Crate! Thank you!