Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem Update #95 - Content Patch 1 Follow-up

The developers behind Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem are aiming to release their major Content Patch 1 for the game on May 30, 2019. About a week ago we got a chance to check out a brief overview of this meaty update, and now, a new Kickstarter update shares some additional details on the new creatures, passive and active skills the update will introduce.

Here are the text parts:



The Cultists of the Sleeper are led by Demons of Souls. They are gifted with soul magic, using it to freeze their foes and raise the deads.

They have 3 types of attacks, including two different types of summoning.

Lost Souls

Lost Souls are forced out of their after death journey to serve followers of the Sleeper. Souls are fundamentally very cold, that is why their attacks can freeze you.


The Alastor is an assassin of the Republic. Unseen, unheard, deadly, he comes straight from the shadows to end you. The Alastor has 5 skills, although his specialty is to kill at close range, he can easily evade and attack you from the distance as well.

Passive Skill Tree

We’re currently adding depth to the Passive Skill Tree to offer more options.

Ring 1 talents will be upgraded from 15 to 24 nodes.

Ring 2 talents will be upgraded from 15 to 30 nodes.

That change will go with an increase of the passive points that you will be able to attribute at each level, although the level cap remains level 20. Along with these additions, the major nodes will be much more impactful since reaching them will require a more important investment in points.

New elemental modifiers for skills

We have three more skill modifiers to share with you this week.

Shadow’s Grasp

You will be able to inflict shaded to your enemies with your Winter’s grasp transformed into a Shadow’s grasp.

Sacred Spear

One of the new modifiers from Content Patch 1 will allow you to change frost damage from Arctic Spear into Sacred damage.

Toxic Blades

Phantom Blades will also have its damage type modifier and allow you to poison your foes.

And that is all for today! Thank you for reading and see you next week for more news about our advancement :)