Neverwinter: Undermountain Expansion Live on PC

The Undermountain expansion for Perfect World Entertainment and Cryptic Studios' action-packed MMORPG Neverwinter, that happens to be the game's biggest content update to date, is now live on PC and should be arriving to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on June 11, 2019. The expansion raises the level cap to 80, completely overhauls the game's class system, introduces plenty of new areas and dungeons, and much more. You can learn all about the expansion by checking out these developer blogs. And here's the official launch trailer:

And some additional details:

The dreams have called you to this place! The denizens of Undermountain are quite eager to meet you…and ensure your permanent stay in the depths of Halaster’s domain. Neverwinter: Undermountain is now live on PC!

Greetings Adventurers and welcome to the largest expansion to Neverwinter since launch! So much stuff it would fill a Bag of Holding! Before I jump into some of my favorite things, I wanted to say that this has been an enormous undertaking for the Neverwinter team, and an important one. There comes a point in a live game when, in order to be able to expand the game and grow it, changes have to be made. We’ve made a lot of changes in the game, with new class revisions, powers, feats, items and a much needed level cap raise to 80. And that’s just the tip of the adventure!

It stands to reason that our biggest expansion would take place in the largest dungeon in Faerun- the Mad Mage Halaster’s dungeon in Undermountain. We are excited to not only open up this Dungeon up to you in the manner of 5 new zones, and even deeper as adventurers unlock the repeatable expedition quests, which have our popular risk/reward system built in.

One more thing- I want to take this time to give a special thanks to all of our players who joined in on both closed and open betas and provided vast amounts of valuable feedback during our production of Undermountain.

Now grab your gear, summon your mount and companions, and get ready to roll for initiative!

Thomas Foss
Lead Designer