Warhammer: Chaosbane - Dwarf Slayer Gameplay and Preview

The character roster for Bigben and Eko Software's upcoming action-RPG Warhammer: Chaosbane will feature several distinct character classes. We already saw the Captain of the Empire and the High Elf Mage in action, and now we can also check out the Dwarf Slayer. This GameSpot video offers roughly 12 minutes of pure gameplay:

And this PCGamesN article brings us a detailed preview. An excerpt:

A Slayer was chosen because, as game director Jean-Georges Levieux explains, they are the most iconic flavour of dwarf in Warhammer Fantasy. The badass orange-dyed mohawks you see them sporting are a mark of shame for breaking a promise – a sin so severe, to a Warhammer dwarf, that it borders on the metaphysical. What’s a little less badass, at least from their perspective, is the permanent exile – and the custom that an oathbreaker can only regain their honour if they die in battle while trying to kill the biggest thing they can find. Some Slayers are so unsuccessful that they become Dragonslayers and even Daemonslayers before they’re finally killed – embarrassing amateurs, when it comes to dying. So desperate are they to shuffle off their hairy coil that the only protection they’ll allow themselves are tattoos.

They’re not the heavily-armoured stoics of every other RPG, then. Chaosbane leaves the tanking to the Empire Soldier, allowing the Slayer to become your melee DPS. And as I discover, he’s a hell of a lot of fun.