Tom Clancy's The Division 2 Gameplay Videos, Previews

Tom Clancy's The Division 2 will be going live on March 15, 2019, and since having an engaging endgame loop is quite important for an online game, this promotional video featuring the game's creative director Julian Gerighty brings us some fresh information about one of the game's endgame enemy factions - The Black Tusks:

You can also watch this IGN video that brings us 20 minutes of co-op mission gameplay:

And then, you can read a few previews of the game:


After a number of hours with The Division 2, here’s the conclusion I came to: the game world looks mostly gorgeous and I still have a good time in this gameplay loop, but I just wish it felt like a bit newer of an experience. Also, my supposed super-power signature weapon turned out to be surprisingly underwhelming, as it couldn’t even kill a single target. (Ubisoft later clarified that this was a glitch in our build of the game) Still, The Division is all about min-maxing your gear and finding ways to steamroll your opponents. We look forward to doing more of that and telling you about it when The Division 2 hits next month. For more keep it here on IGN.


It’s always good to play with a squad of four since you get better loot and get revived when you go down. In one battle, I had to revive two players who a robot dog had downed. But they had to crawl to safety first. It was here where we started to see enemies who were more heavily armored.

Some of the enemies also just charged at me, trying to hit me with riot sticks. They were hard to bring down because they were bullet sponges, but I had to pay attention because they could close on me quickly. It was hard to do, but it pays to shoot the enemies in the head, as that takes them down more quickly.

For bosses, we had to shoot them enough to get rid of their armor, then shoot them more to bring them down. This is where grenades came in handy. When one of the big bosses walked out in full armor, we saw that we could chip away at his protection by shooting off pieces of his armor. We could take off his arm armor, for instance, and then weaken him by shooting at his unprotected arm.

Den of Geek:

There were a few moments during our time with the game in which The Division 2 didn’t quite feel fully polished, but perhaps that’s to be expected in a pre-release build of the title. The frame rate wasn’t always top notch and some of the dialogue felt quite stilted, and you could argue that the world doesn’t feel all that realistic given that the apocalypse is only supposed to have started seven months ago, but there certainly weren’t any fatal flaws here that put us off the game.

If anything, our main takeaway from this event is that it made a very strong case for The Division 2’s existence. The previous game in the series may not seem that old, especially given all the post-release support it received, but the big new world and all the fresh toys in The Division 2 – along with all those fun co-op missions - make this feel like a necessary addition to the Tom Clancy gaming franchise. And with the addition of Black Tusk, this sequel is sure to challenge gamers in ways that The Division didn't.

Windows Central:

And really, that's the overall takeaway from my Division 2 experience. This game gives back exactly what you put into it, often in the most brilliant and unexpected ways. Instead of a rigid formula with hard spec tables to follow, this game takes the choice-based philosophy we've seen Ubisoft deploy in a bunch of games over the last year and apply it in an amazingly effective way. With the beta for this game around the corner it's clear Ubisoft is ready to show everyone how much this franchise has grown from the previous version, but for me, that thought isn't really complete until you sit down and tackle this incredible campaign alongside the ridiculously fun PVP experience. Truly, this game is worth more than the sum of its parts, and I'm so excited to see everyone else have fun with it.

Additionally, if you're interested in the upcoming private beta for the game, you should check out the upcoming developer livestream that will be showcasing the beta and its content on February 5, 2019. You can find all the necessary details here.