Graywalkers: Purgatory Steam Page Live, Pre-orders Open

Last we heard about Dreamlords Digital's turn-based strategy RPG Graywalkers: Purgatory, the game was getting ready to launch into Early Access. And seeing how that was back in 2016, it's clear that something didn't go as planned there. However, the project seems to be alive and kicking. It even has its own Steam page now that lists the game's availability as “coming soon.” Here's the official description:

Graywalkers: Purgatory is a stylish turn-based strategy RPG set in a supernatural post-apocalyptic world where Heaven and Hell had merged with Earth caused by a event called the Rupture. Inspired by a combination of gameplay from XCom, Jagged Alliance and Fallout, the game generates a unique but familiar experience for the turn-based tactics player.

You play the prophesied leader of The 36 Righteous Ones who are now called Graywalkers. You and the other Graywalkers walk the path between Heaven and Hell and Darkness and Light, each one destined to protect humanity in their own unique way. Your goal is to search for the 35 other Graywalkers and recruit them in your cause to unite Purgatory and lead the fight the reclaim the world from the supernatural invaders that have conquered the rest of the world.


The game has 3 game modes of play.
  • Mission Mode - You choose missions to go on and these leads to other missions. Some of the missions are stand-alone while the others are mini-campaigns wherein each successful mission will lead to another until the story is resolved.
  • Preludes - Preludes are like short stories except you play through them as the character highlighted for the specific prelude story. These are stories about the different Graywalkers before they begin their part in the single player campaign.
  • Campaign - This is an epic story about you as the destined leader of the 36 Graywalkers. This story will have you travel all over Purgatory to find and recruit the different potential Graywalkers and convince them to join your cause in uniting the lands of Purgatory and lead the war to reclaim the world from the supernatural invaders.
  • Real Time Exploration - When traveling on maps, the movement is real time. Only when combat ensues will it shift to turn-based gameplay
  • Action Unit Based Turn-Based Combat - play in classic tactical combat where you do actions based on your available Action Units
  • Recruitable Heroes - find, convince and recruit your heroes from at least 40+ available playable characters, each with their own style, personality, motivation, relationships and history.
  • Unique RPG System - the game utilizes a unique and original table-top RPG game system that will be coming out soon.
  • Strategic Management - Manage your resources, personnel, influence, technology, research, crafting and scavenging.
  • 50+ Missions- do at least over 50 missions all across the lands of Purgatory
  • Custom Avatar Hero - Create your own custom hero to be your hero, the prophesied one who is destined to lead the Graywalkers and save humanity.
  • 7 Races - There are 7 starting character races to choose from and experience in the game: Humans, Dhampir, Wolfkin, Nephilim, Cambion, Faechilde and the Hunterborne.
  • 10 Character Paths - There are 10 playable character paths available:Agent, Armsman, Arcanist, Diviner,Martialist, Scout, Soldier, Slayer, Survivor, and Tech
  • 100+ Abilities - Choose from over 100+ different abilities that from different categories: Physical, Mental, Social, Racial, Combat and Supernatural. These abilities give you both passive and active advantages
  • 1000+ Items - Disover over a thousand items in the game from Weapons, Armor,Ammo, Consumable Items, Accessories and other types of loot.
  • Dozens of Threats - Encounter dozens of threats from bandits to mercs, to beasts and monsters, andto all manner of supernatural creatures like Angels, Demons,Vampires, Werewolves, Undead, Spirits and many others.
  • Factions - Encounter and Influence the different factions by doing missions and favors for them. You can also end up making enemies of one by doing too much for another.
  • Explore Purgatory - Explore the dangerous island continent of Purgatory. Travel through scorching deserts, dangerous wastelands, overrun forests, historical city ruins, dark caverns and even into supernatural realms
  • Built-In Mod System - We built the game with tools and an editor which you can use to help you build your mods for the game.

On top of that, you can now pre-order the game from its website, with the basic package priced at $20.